Quadcopters, drones and UAV’s

The year of Quadcopters, drones and UAV’s

A quick google search uncovers a range of devices, mainly quadcopters, with a staggering range of capabilities.  Indeed, just a couple of hundred pounds gives you access to kind of remotely operated, GPS enabled systems that once only the military had access to.  High street technology chain Maplins – which now sells a wide range of devices – even features one of the vehicles in its latest television advertising campaign.


Property Aerial Views

It’s not difficult to see why the technology is generating so much excitement. The ability to hover above your home and shoot your own aerial movies will be attractive to many. Whilst the semi-autonomous behaviour of some current devices – for instance the ability to use GPS to pre-programmed routes – further broadens the technology’s appeal.

Aerial Picture UAV


What’s more, the build-your-own drone kits that are now widely available are a great way to enthuse young people about the wonders of engineering, and teach them the kind of hands-on skills that they’ll rarely learn from a games console.

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