I want a Aerial Picture of my Property!

The nice thing about an aerial photo of your property is that it gives you a bird’s eye view of a place you’re most familiar with at ground level. From the air you will get a completely new perspective of your property.

Typically our customers use the aerial photos for a range of uses: for planning and boundary disputes, marketing and selling their property, environmental change to historical study or simply to give as a fascinating gift.

Aerial Picture & Video is a service, real estate photographers can have in their arsenal that can set themselves apart from the competition. But more importantly, it allows the camera to get up high in the sky. This results in views that can be unobtainable from ground level.

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Property Aerial Views


500 kWP Solar PV Power Plant at Lourensford by Sustainable Power Solutions (Pty) Ltd.Lourensford Wine Estate


Aerial photograph of our 500 kWp grid-connected Solar PV Power Plant by Sustainable Power Solutions (Pty) Ltd. for Acucap Properties Limited at Bayside Mall, Table View, commissioned on 30 January 2015.

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Bayside Tableview


Benefits of Aerial Picture Photography:

Not all properties have a perfect view from the street. Various things can be in the way that block the view of the home. Things like landscaping and fencing can make it difficult for buyers to see the front of the property. Aerial Picture and Video photography allows us to put our camera higher up in the sky to be more eye level with the property. Additionally it enables us to avoid obstructions that might be right in front of the camera.

Let’s take a look at some examples of where Aerial Picture and Video improves the end result.  Putting our camera higher into the sky, we can shoot over the bushes closest to the camera. Buyers can then see more of the front of the property itself.

Property 1

Aerial media for real estate marketing. Real estate sales agents need an edge to market their properties in a way that will grab potential clients attention. With low altitude close range aerial photography and video quadcopter, Aerial Picture and Video can do just that! Take a look…..


Pringle House


House Dronie