Potential Industry Uses for UAV

Uses for UAV ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

Potential Industries:

Hundreds of industries, countless use cases: how high and how far the UAV Developer platform will take you depends completely on your own ability to innovate. Here are some examples that are already in development:

Precision Agriculture

‘Farming’ and ‘technology’ – two words that are seemingly unrelated to the unimaginative mind. However, with innovation and a flexible platform , the future of agriculture is close at hand. Explore the possibilities of making faster, more informed farming decisions by remotely surveying land. Imagine being able to identify problem crops without having to leave the house or collect vegetation data acres at a time and in minutes.

Elsenburg Wheat Field
Elsenburg Wheat Field

Infrastructure Inspection

The first rule of construction and architecture, safety first, is now better than ever. UAVs with special sensors can easily replace unsafe practices in modern day infrastructure inspection. No longer do workers need to risk their lives to inspect power lines or venture into unsafe locations. Through the application of UAVs, everything becomes safer and more efficient.

Afrikaanse Taal monument Paarl

Indoor Navigation and Inspection

‘Indoor Navigation’ refers to situations where the UAV is unable to locate a GPS signal. Using hardware such as the Guidance or your own onboard computing module, the UAV can easily navigate itself through these areas and carry out its intended tasks. With this flexible platform, developers can truly experience and maximize the abilities of their flight equipment, anytime, anywhere.

Surveying and Mapping

By using the Developer platform and a professional camera, mapping and surveying can now be done with incredible detail. By utilizing customized flying routes, UAVs can perform low altitude flight while collecting high resolution imaging data. This enables high accuracy surveying of areas that have never been seen before or quick, impromptu mapping missions.


Filmmaking and Aerial Imaging

DJI UAVs were the first to transform aerial imagining. Now with the SDK, we are ready to revolutionize it again. Find new ways to take aerial images never imaged before, as the SDK opens up whole new angles and techniques to be used in aerial photography and film. With features such as follow-me or preprogrammed flight paths, your films and photography become even more amazing.


Wildlife Conservation

Between poaching and climate change, conservation of our Earth’s wildlife becomes harder every year. It is possible to develop flight paths, animal tracking apps, and hardware to help rangers keep an eye out at all times. Furthermore, the use of SDK means that periodic flight patterns can be programmed, allowing for surveillance of species day and night.

Search and Rescue

You can’t put a price on life, and with the Development platforms, you won’t have to. Flight platforms have been used in search and rescue missions around the world. Whether a natural or manmade disaster, saving lives is always priority number one. By utilizing the UAV SDK and thermal sensors, rescue teams can easily locate survivors within rubble following an earthquake and launch an immediate response. Additionally, SDK-enabled UAVs can help firefighters identify safe passage through affected areas to ensure their safety and success.

Pringle Bay

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