Our Services

Our Services

AERIAL PICTURE SA is a Aerial Photography and Video specialist.

AERIAL PICTURE SA is based in Somerset West, Western Cape, specializing in aerial photography and videography. Utilizing the latest technology and most sophisticated aircraft & camera systems we deliver the highest quality and best value services available.


Aerial Picture and Video Our Services

With our specially designed still camera and video camera systems we are capable of capturing HD resolution still and motion video images to meet all your  photography needs.

AERIAL PICTURE SA takes photography and video services to new heights by making aerial photography affordable to:

  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Special Events
  • Industrial & Commercial Property
  • Sports events
  • Mining, Oil and Gas exploration
  • Remote inspections
  • Wildlife
  • Security
  • and much more

Featured Services:


  • Maps and 3D models
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Management of extraction activities for Mines + Quarries
  • Creating index maps from multi-spectral images acquired by UAVs for Agriculture
  • Create accurate and timely mosaics and models of Natural Resources
  • Fast and accurate on-site cartographic production for emergency response needs
  • Topographic applications for construction activities
  • Mapping and modeling solutions with UAV’s for Archaeology


The new regulations for operating drones commercially in South Africa take effect on 1 July 2015 and we have begun to comply with the regulations. Until we achieve full registration , we operate with the following rules:

  • Do not need an RPL (Remote Pilots Licence).
  • Do not need to register their RPAS aircraft.
  • Do not need an aviation medical.
  • Can fly RPAS up to 7kg weight.
  • Can fly at night (previous not allowed for any rc aircraft).
  • Can fly up to the height of the highest object in 300m of the drone (up to a max of 400 feet).
  • Can fly up to 500m away from the pilot, while maintaining direct line of sight (RVLOS).
  • Need to keep more than 50m from people.
  • Need to keep more than 50m from roads.
  • Need to keep more than 50m from buildings.
  • Need to keep more than 10km from an aerodrome (airport or airstrip).
  • May not fly in No Fly Zones.
  • No commercial gain involved – We don’t charge for aerial pictures or videos.

Our Policy :

We don’t receive remuneration for aerial photography or videos. We are a project management and consulting firm.

Any questions :

Please contact us here with your requirements and we will give you the best possible deal.


Our other services:

  • We are committed to provide free services to charitable and worthy causes. Please ask us for more detail.
  • We are a member of the Humanitarian UAV Network, which promotes the safe and responsible use of UAV’s in humanitarian settings. Visit UAViators here.
  • We support the local Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch and are always on the lookout for suspicious activity in the area with our aerial camera and video capabilities.
  • We undertake road trips to any place and will promote your area and activity by means of aerial pictures and video on our website and social media. Ask us for package deals!


Aerial Picture SA is more than just an online shop, although the equipment and technologies we deal with are high tech we pride ourselves on our high standard of good old fashion service. We are an authorized reseller of the famous DJI Phantom and Inspire drone series.

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Please Note as from 1 July 2015:
“The operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) is regulated in terms of the South African Civil Aviation Regulations. Operations as a hobbyist are subject to the terms of Part 94, whereas private use is restricted in terms of Regulation 101.01.4 of the Civil Aviation Regulations.”

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How to Comply with new Drone Regulations and Advice for Safe Drone operations in South Africa



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