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“The Most Interesting Photography taken from the Sky”

At we’re pretty fascinated by the sky ourselves, which is why it’s so enthralling to find amazing aerial shots taken by local photographers. These images were taken using a wide range of techniques to capture the subject in its truest form and each of them is inspiring. From landscape shots to wildlife, each seems to have a special message which might be a lot more difficult to convey properly from the ground.

As frequent travellers can attest, there’s something mysterious and often majestic about seeing things from up high. It allows us to take in a fuller picture of what we’re really looking at; whereas from the ground one typically has to focus on particular elements. If you have a trip coming up but aren’t feeling all that inspired to fly yet, these aerial photographs should sort that right out and build your excitement.

Courtesy of Gustav Ludick from Aerial Aerial photographer, Gustav Ludick, has a passion for photography, technology, nature, wildlife, sports, adventure and travelling. He likes to create unique and revolutionary aerial images by using the latest aerial filming technology available. Recent advances in camera, flight and battery technology mean that UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are now capable of obtaining high quality aerial footage.

Aerial Photography by Gustav Ludick

Gustav Ludick’s photographs, usually taken at low altitude from a small, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, force the viewer to examine the landscape from an unfamiliar perspective. When one flies and photographs at low altitudes, shadows lift objects from the ground and instead of cold geometric patterns on the earth’s surface, intimacy is regained.

Gustav uses dramatic lighting and sharp contrasts between light and shadow which add a multi-dimensional quality to the work. This technique allows the viewer to be drawn into the photograph – as if going beyond the real to the ‘more real’ (hyperreal).

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