How to update Firmware on DJI Phantom 3

Updating the firmware on DJI Phantom 3:

Follow this exactly: How to successfully update the firmware on DJI Phantom 3. After updating to the DJI Go app or newest app….

DJI Go App

Format the card IN THE COPTER, not in the computer.

Put card in computer, open zip, take bin file, put it in the root of the card (root file meaning the page you see when you open the micro SD card), put it in the copter, turn it on and wait for the green light on the front of the gimbal. The copter will make noise and the gimbal should move while updating

Turn off the copter.

Turn on the copter.

Phantom 3 Advance

Plug the copter it into the RC, turn on the RC. Wait for the blue light.

Take the card out, put it into your computer and remove any text files then put card back into copter.

Put a battery into the copter and turn on, wait for the beeps to stop and green light meaning it’s finished…if you get a battery error, press battery button once maybe twice and wait for the error message to go away and the ready to fly message appears.

Do a Cold IMU calibration on a level surface (Kitchen counters are usually the most level place in a home) with no vibrations while it’s calibrating…cold meaning wait for copter to cool, only do IMU calibration to a cool copter or it will take forever to warm up every time you want to fly. I put the copter in the fridge for 8 minutes and use a separate cool battery that is not warm from recent use…Also you want to do the IMU calibration immediately after turning it on because the copters IMU warms up fast.

Calibrate compass.

Check app for proper settings.

Good to go.


For the P3P I adjusted the expo settings to as follows 40, 40, 30, 88, 88. I did this to soften the movements for smoother filming and soften the previously jerky movements that I partly attribute to the horizon misalignment.


How to Update the Firmware:
Follow the process described below to upgrade the aircraft, remote controller and battery firmware.
Updating the Aircraft Firmware
Step 1– Check Battery and SD Card Capacity
Ensure the Intelligent Flight Battery has at least 50% power and there is at least 100 MB of free space on the SD card.
Step 2– Prepare the Firmware Update Package
1.Download the firmware update package from the official DJI website (
2.Insert the SD card into your PC. Extract the all downloaded files into the root directory of the SD card. Remove the SD card from your PC.
Ensure the aircraft is powered off then insert the SD card into the SD card slot on the camera.
Step 3– Update the Aircraft
1. Ensure the remote controller is powered off and then power on the aircraft. Upgrade will begin automatically after aircraft is powered on.
2. It will take approximately 25 minutes to complete the firmware update. The camera status indicator will blink green and red to indicate the
upgrade is in progress and stop blinking when the update is complete with success.
3. Check the upgrade status by opening the “.txt” file that is automatically generated after the update. The update is successful if the text “result:
successful” is in the document. Try upgrading the firmware again if the text “result: failed” is found or the camera status indicator shows solid red.
Updating the Remote Controller Firmware
Ensure the DJI GO app has been updated to v1.2.0 before updating the remote controller. The System Status bar in Camera View of theDJI GO App will flash several times if a firmware update is available. Follow these steps to update the firmware via the DJI GO App.
Step 1– Check Battery and SD Card Capacity
1.The remote controller has at least 50% battery level.
2.Your mobile device is able to access the internet.
3.There is at least 30 MB of free space on your mobile device.
Step 2– Download and Update the Firmware
1.Go to the DJI GO App > Camera View > System Status bar > Overall Status. Tap Download the firmware update package to download and update the firmware. Track the update progress from progress bar in the DJI GO App. The status LED on the remote controller will blink blue during update and blink green when update is complete with success.
Firmware update through the DJI GO app will not work with older versions of the remote controller firmware. If the firmware update fails, follow the instructions below to update the firmware using the traditional method:
a. Update the latest firmware package files from DJI official website.
b. Extract all downloaded files into the root directory of an SD card or USB flash drive.
c. Turn off the remote controller, Insert the SD card into a SD card reader or the USB disk onto the remote controller USB port when remote controller is turned off.
d. Power on the remote controller and wait 60 seconds until the upgrade begins. Do not power off the remote controller during the update.
e. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the firmware update. The camera will sound a beeping sound and the Status LED on the remote controller shows solid blue to indicate the update is in progress. The Status LED on remote controller shows solid green and beeping sound will stop if the upgrade is completed with success.
f . If you do not have a SD card reader, you may insert the SD card into the gimbal and connect the gimbal with remote controller to upgrade the remote controller.
You will only be able to update the remote controller firmware through the DJI GO app from this point onwards.
Updating Intelligent Flight Battery Firmware
The Intelligent Flight Battery is upgraded during the aircraft firmware upgrade process. It is recommended to keep the upgrade
package files in your SD card. The upgrade will start automatically after power cycling the aircraft.
Ensure there is only one firmware package file stored on your SD card.
Only storage devices that are formatted for FAT32 and exFAT file systems are supported for aircraft and remote controller firmwareupd ates.
Ensure the internet connection of your mobile device is stable when downloading the firmware update package.
Turn on Airplane Mode on your mobile device before updating the firmware, as any incoming calls may disrupt the update process.
Do not perform firmware update while the aircraft is still flying in the air. Only carry out firmware update when the aircraft is landed.
Be sure to update the remote controller’s firmware to the latest version after you upgrade the aircraft’s firmware.
The remote controller may become unlinked from the aircraft after updating. Re-link the remote controller and aircraft.
Confirm the update results based on the blinking pattern of camera status indicator or gimbal sound. It is normal for the aircraft to sound or the LED to blink during the update process.

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