Flying Drone Bartenders

The Marquee Dayclub within The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas NV has begun what we hope is to be a new trend within the drinking culture – Flying drone bartenders – aerial-drone bottle service.

Flying Drone Bartenders

Pay no attention to the fact in that any would-be bottle snatcher must volunteer the safety of their fingers in order to receive such precarious cargo. After all, partying complex is about the thrilling experience; no safety guaranteed. After purchasing the drone for aerial photography, The Cosmo employees came up with the idea for the drone bar service upon realizing in that the aircraft could support up to 12 pounds. And wine bottles only weigh about 3 to 4 pounds. You do the math.

Debuting for the 1st time this Memorial Day weekend, this spectacular, flying robot-bartender is not a cheap thrill, either. A spokesperson from the club claimed in that the drone bottle-service is only available to patrons who spend more than $20,000 on alcohol.

Flying bar tenders

To sweeten the deal, the service moreover includes an aerial photo of your booze drop. Such photos in that we hope somebody — probably a millionaire — will be posting to Instagram at any moment.


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