Extend your Phantom Range

How to Extend your Phantom Range:

STAGE 2 KIT Phantom V2/+ Pilot’s side only

This kit includes everything to mod both the wi-fi (fpv performance) and the rc controller (how far you can control your P2V/ P2V+).

It does not require any modifications to the phantom itself

Phantom range

For installation instructions please refer to the video links below

You Tube 1 ,

You Tube 2

Guys to make ordering easier and following the advice of many of you, I have put together a Bird Side Video Upgrade kit,
that includes the 2 pinwheels 90 degrees and straight one and 2 mmcx to rp-sma female cables.

Visit FPVLR shop for more details.

What customers have to say:

Just want FPVLR to know I flew out to 6000 before I turned around and lost signal, before I could only fly to about 1200 ft before I lost fpv.I could of gone further had I not yawed yall :lol: I say the stage two antennas are well worth there weight in gold. I need the bird side upgraded now. Is just two pinwheels worth it (2.4 and 5.8)?

Well just had my first flight with the stage 2 kit i pictured, all i can say is they definitely work as good as they look! :D I’ve never gone beyond 2200ft or so stock without the fpv breaking up and i cannot remember the last time i was in the highest preview setting (640x480x30fps). This flight after fitting the three antennas i went out to nearly 3500ft and fpv was absolutely perfect, my furthest ever. I kept on yawing along the way to check and the video was flawless, i would of gone further but my “control limit reached” came up as i set the geofence at 3500ft previously, i will be keeping the geofence set the same as this is way more than enough for my uses, the usual flying range for me is up to around 2500ft and these antennas have done exactly as i wanted. A stable secure fpv and control signal, i may test out the range one day but for now i am very happy and no need for me to consider upgrading the craft antennas. I do use and always have the V+ Booster app and today for the first time i used my Galaxy s5 which would make no difference to range, previously using the s3.

Stage 2 Kit should get you 6000ft in uncongested area and 3500-4000ft in congested area with no boosters. With boosters a rule of thumb you should get at least double the range you are getting without boosters if not more.

Note that our stage 1 and stage 2 kits are built NOT for record performances, they are capable of 3km + ranges with boosters, but they are built for every day flying enjoyment and reliability.

Tony, really rocking the stage 2 setup. These things are so much easier to point. Was out flying tonight for a casual cruise and forgot I had my limits set at 5500 ! It did a RTH at 5600′ and never showed a sign of giving up.

Stage 2 Antennas has been purchased and is used by at least 400 people with great success, getting 2 to 3 times extra fpv range.

I am having a ball with the FPVLR Stage 2 setup. Even if I didn’t gain any range it sure is easier to point !
I really don’t have the desire to go boosted and am hoping I can make 10,000 with a stock bird unboosted.
Went out flying today and the view was spectacular. Made it 8261′ with nothing more than the antenna swap on the controller. No boosters including no wi-fi apps. Can’t imagine what this thing is going to do when I install FPVLR antennas on the Phantom.

The stage 2 kit is a small package available at FPVLR.com that has two small antennas on the wifi unit and small helix for the control side. Its easier to direct/point than the factory one and as you can see I am getting more range. There is no soldering and the toughest part is trimming the old glue away to remove the original connector.

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Also : See more at: http://fpvlr.com

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