Drone safety

Drone safety tips:

This page is intended to help pilots unleash their imagination safely and responsibly.

Here you will find tips, regulatory links, and instructional videos that will enhance both safety and your

overall flying experience.

While we’ve made every effort to provide comprehensive information, this page is not a substitute for a

pilot’s own good judgment. As a DJI pilot, you are solely responsible for assuring your flights are conducted

safely and in accordance with all local laws and regulations.

Inspect Your Platform

Check for damaged or worn propellers, batteries, and other parts that should be replaced or repaired before flight.

Fully Charge All Devices

Ensure your flight battery, remote controller, Wi-Fi range extender, and all other necessary items are fully charged.

Fly in Open Areas

Always choose a wide open area for every flight, well away from people and property. Never fly directly over people or animals.

Keep to Safe Altitudes

For the safety of manned flight and to avoid interfering with larger aircraft, always fly below 400 feet.

Don’t Drink and Fly

Never fly when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Fly Within Line of Sight

Keep your aircraft in view at all times throughout flight. Don’t fly behind obstacles or at distances that make it impossible to see your platform.

Maintain Full Control

Even when using automatic functions such as auto-takeoff and auto-landing, keep your hands on the control sticks to maintain control throughout each flight.

Wait for a GPS Signal

To take full advantage of DJI’s safety features, including Return Home and position stabilization, wait for a strong GPS connection before taking off.

Follow Local Regulations

Stay informed on the rules regarding remote controlled aircraft in your local area, and follow these regulations at all times.

Improve With Practice

Practice the maneuvers in DJI’s Pilot Training Guide.
Perfect your skills and gain confidence in flight.

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