DJI Phantom 2 Vision – Must Haves

DJI Phantom 2 Vision – Must Haves


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 dji phantom 2 vision plus must haves


00 Phillips Screwdriver (needed to open Phantom)
2mm Hex Screwdriver (needed to open Phantom)
Battery (get a few spares so you can fly longer)
Camera Guard (protect your camera)
Go Professional Case (high quality & built well)
Inertia Guard (prevent gimbal cable damage)
Memory Card (max size & fastest data transfer)
Prop Balancer (for smoother flight)
Props (get an extra set in case you damage them)
Remote Control & Identity Stickers
Screw Pack (to replace stripped/lost screws)
Ultimate Phantom Guide (lots of good tips)
Weather Watcher (check the weather before flying)

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