Coca-Cola Thanks Migrant Workers with drone delivery

Coca-Cola Thanks Migrant Workers with drone delivery

Singapore has more than 300,000 migrant construction workers, who despite their hard work, are often looked down upon by the local residents. To show them some long-overdue appreciation, Ogilvy & Mather, Coca-Cola, and the Singapore Kindness Movement came up with the idea to deliver heartfelt messages from Singaporeans, along with a few cans of coke.


Coke Drone delivery

What makes “Happiness From the Skies” unique is the fact that an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was used to deliver the care packages. While hard at work, the migrant workers received an unexpected aerial delivery for all they’ve done for Singapore.

Coke approached Ogilvy to find a way of turning a “harbinger of death and destruction,” into something that does good in the world. The agency eventually settled on using drones to reach migrant workers at building sites.

“We thought an appropriate use of drone technology would be to bring the messages up to them. If you use the drones to just deliver the messages to someone on the street, then it’s a bad use of technology,” said Eugene Cheong, chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific.


Coke delivery


It then fell to volunteers from the Singapore Kindness Movement, who asked Singaporeans to write messages of support, and then photographed them with their message before attaching it to a can of coke.

Several different drones were used to deliver Coke cans to more than 2,500 workers. Normally cut off from the rest of society, and hundreds of miles from their family, most of the workers were happy to receive some recognition.

“These guys are a community within a community, they are walled off … and when they work they’re usually up there in these high-up places that are difficult to reach,” said Mr. Cheong.

If you watch the video below, you’ll get a chance to see the smiles on many of the migrant workers face, which shows just how important it is for everyone to get a little bit of appreciation now and again.

Coca-Cola // Singapore Kindness Movement

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