A Quadcopter could be taking small businesses to the next level

The Quadcopter is an amazing piece of technological equipment that fills the visual demand.

A remote control Quadcopter could soon be taking small businesses to the next level.


Reporter Sophia Miraglio tells us how a new piece of technology in the hands of a local man could make a world of difference for everyone.

It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

“It’s a phantom 2 Quadcopter,” said Idaho Transportation Department Engineer, Joe Schacher. “It’s a remote control four propeller heliocopter. It’s made specifically for video taping and taking pictures from the air.”

At 1000 feet in the air it’s no mystery why the images are breathtaking.

“We were flying just above the levy in Kiwanis Park,” said Schacher. “And we were taking some still photos and some video of the park itself and of the river and of us taping this.”

And while my landing skills obviously need some work, ITD Engineer Joe Schacher is getting the hang of it,” said Reporter Miraglio.

”Have had it just over a week, originally I was planning on having my son and I do it as a hobby,” said Schacher.

But why limit it to recreational when the sky’s the limit?

“I think for industry there’s a lot of opportunities,” said Schacher. “I think the assessment of property. I think news agencies could get a lot of value from this. Just getting a different angle from the shot or having a remote camera man.”

Drone above house

I like the sounds of that!

“With my work we get a lot of potential hazardous like a rock slide,” said Schacher. “But it keeps a person out of danger, they can fly over that kinda thing. I could see a lot of benefit in the future for hobbyist and for industry.

So if you’re thinking about heading to the store to buy one, you better bring your checkbook. This Quadcopter comes with a price tag of $1,200.

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