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How to Install Phantom 3 firmware

How to Install Phantom 3 firmware Overview Follow the steps below to install the latest firmware on your Phantom 3, remote controller, and Phantom batteries. Ensure you follow the steps from top-to-bottom. Carefully read each step and ensure you perform them exactly as written. Note: Before installing a new Phantom […]

FAA committee says small drones should be allowed to fly over cities and crowds

FAA committee says small drones should be allowed to fly over cities and crowds If you can prove it won’t hurt when it crashes, you can fly it over people A working group commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration has released a set of recommendations for how small drones should be […]

Congratulations Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Australia.

It’s definitely a big step in the right direction.

Taking effect from 29 September 2016 commercial operators flying RPAs weighing less than two kilograms will not require an operator’s certificate or a remote pilot licence.

These operators will simply need to notify CASA before they fly and operate in accordance with a set of standard operating conditions.

Commercial drone industry

These mandatory conditions include flying only in day visual line of sight, keeping more than 30 metres away from other people, flying more than 5.5 kilometres from controlled aerodromes and not operating near emergency situations.

CASA will provide an easy-to-use online notification system.

That’s very similar to the 2kg law proposed in the US — and yes the P4 sales will skyrocket anywhere that the jackboots finally come to their senses and relax their regulations.

The explanatory statement for the changes can be found on the Australian Government’s Federal Register of Legislation.