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Aerial Photography and Technology

Aerial Photography and Technology explained: How to take a aerial picture using a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus quadcopter, combined with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cell phone. Download DJI Ultimate Flight app from Google Play store to Android cell phone. Connect quadcopter and PC via USB to check via […]

The facts about LiPo Batteries 4

Understanding RC LiPo Batteries This is a big topic. What are LiPo batteries and why are they so popular in the RC world? LiPo batteries (short for Lithium Polymer) are a type of rechargeable battery that has taken the electric RC world by storm, especially for planes, helicopters, and multi-rotor. […]

DJI Phantom 3 Professional & Advanced 1

DJI Phantom 3 Professional & Advanced: *********************New Release***********************   Be your own director and tell your story as never before. Reach for the sky and capture professional-quality footage from a new perspective. With a crystal-clear camera, real-time HD video display, and intuitive flight controls, what will you create? Epic Aerial […]


The past 24 hours have been really exciting! A pretty sizable amount of confirmed information has landed surrounding the imminent launch of the DJI Phantom 3 Series aircraft. Here’s what we know:

Expect the aircraft to be an “evolution” of the Phantom 2 Vision+. Early teasers have been hinting at this quite well, but we now know that the Phantom 3 will be both exciting and new, as well as a progression of the iconic Phantom that we know and love. DJI’s new Phantom 3 will visually appear similar to that of the Vision+ but under the hood is where things get really interesting.

The Optical-Flow and Ultrasonic Sensor System found on the recently released Inspire 1 has officially nestled itself onto all Phantom 3 Series models. That’s right… model-s!

The Phantom 3 is truly a series of aircraft with at least two distinct models to choose from; the lower-end being a 1080p system with built-in Lightbridge, and a 4K variety including the same. All models will be inclusive of a DJI integrated camera/gimbal much like (but larger than) the Vision +. There is perhaps a third aircraft in the category, but details are sparse.

What we do know is that the Inspire 1’s Lightbridge-integrated, GPS-powered radio transmitter has come to the Phantom 3 Series, and you’ll be flying through that same awesome DJI Pilot App that powers the Inspire 1’s amazing controllability.

Source – Email from a dealer .

In order to facilitate these new upgrades, the NAZA controller has likely been upgraded, and higher-capacity batteries are probably on the way as well. We hope that the aircraft will still allow the use of our Phantom 2 batteries, but that remains to be seen tomorrow.

Expect a mid-May delivery date with prices ranging between $1,200 and $2,000.

The SACAA RPAS regulation currently awaiting approval

The SACAA RPAS regulation currently awaiting approval from Minister Peters states: Operations as a hobbyist are subject to the terms of Part 94, whereas private use is restricted in terms of Regulation 101.01.4 of the Civil Aviation Regulations. (a) The RPAS may only be used for an individual’s personal and […]