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Drones potentially lucrative new market

The drones lifted off from its ground station at a hospital construction site here, hovered for an instant, then zoomed off, sounding like a five-pound bee as it buzzed around the cranes towering over the six-acre project. Capable of carrying a high-resolution camera and other sensors, the quadcopter, a helicopter […]

In today’s marketplace, if you want to increase your company’s sales and attract more clients, you need to use video. Increasingly, consumers prefer to view video rather than read text. In fact, video traffic is” expected to be 69 percent of all Internet traffic by 2017″, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index.

A Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAV) mounted camera provides a bird’s-eye view that is perfect for real estate, commercial architecture, building progress shots, golf courses, insurance investigations, news & development, surveying, land planning, and much more. The Remote Control Quadcopter creates extraordinary aerial photography and video.

No Fly Zones for UAVs 1

DJI Innovations is introducing a firmware update to the Phantom 2 quadcopter “to increase flight safety and prevent accidental flights” in around 350 “No Fly Zones” world-wide. The update downloads a global GPS database of restricted locations. If the Phantom has a sufficient GPS signal, it will not fly into […]

Phantom 2

Phantom 2 – The Spirit of Flight CREATE ASTONISHING AERIALS The Phantom 2 is unbelievably easy to fly. Combined with smooth, stabilised footage from the H3-2D or H3-3D gimbal, aerial cinematography and videography has never been easier. It’s light, rugged and perfect for travel. Requires Zenmuse H3-2D or H3-3D, video […]

Phantom 2 Vision 2

Phantom 2 Vision – Your flying Camera UNPRECEDENTED PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERIENCE Experience A New Level Of Photography Real time live-view on your mobile device allows you take photos and videos from a completely new perspective.   Exceptional Flight Experience The first integrated mobile phone FPV (First Person View) system Wi-Fi wireless […]